Lease Convention 2014

The Leasing Association of Kenya held a two day convention “Lease Convention 2014” under the theme: Leasing the Game Changer, on the 27th & 28th of May 2014 at the Kenya School of Monetary studies. The lease convention 2014 was a first of its kind and it aimed to fulfill the following within the leasing sector in Kenya:

  • Enhance capital formation for both public and private sector
  • Job creation via deepening of financial transactions to support various sector growth initiatives

» Education – skill development via training of devolved government resources

» Agriculture – extend limited financial resources to support irrigation schemes

» Manufacturing – enhance local assembly and servicing of increased equipment use

» Health – enhance proliferation of new innovations across the counties

» Energy – drive the implementation of green energy solutions and sustainability

» Public sector – enhance implementation of Vision 2030 & Jubilee Manifesto via enhanced access to finance for SME’s, value for money public finance through leveraged limited financial resources


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